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Collaboration means making a conscious decision to proactively work with others who are passionate about serving those who have been affected by addiction, mental illness, and other barriers affecting their well-being, including homelessness, food insecurity, and advocacy.

The Enlightening Hope Project strives to maintain, sustain, and build positive relationships with other small and large agencies with similar goals and visions. We sell t-shirts to help offset the cost of supporting the homeless community with hygiene products, subsidize prevention campaigns, and cover the cost of supportive staff. The sleeves will be customized with your angel's name and forever age.
We also work with local vendors to create awareness and prevention billboards. If you want to purchase a spot on any upcoming billboards, please click the following link.
All participants must sign a perpetual photo waiver and will not have to complete another one. Also, if you choose a different photo on different billboards, please let me know ahead of time.
Last note: once the chosen billboard spots are filled, I will notify you when we send the print to production.
DISCLAIMER - the billboard costs do not include any additional charges. I complete all the marketing and administrative components and absorb those costs for free. Pricing is proprietary based on our organization's agreement with the vendor and all fees must be paid online. Thank you.
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