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Golden Nuggets...

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As I drive home, I stopped off for a few things we need at home. A young man, close to your age, was sitting out front in a thin long sleeve shirt, tattered jeans, and very used, worn down shoes. Dishelved and hopeless... but still respectful and cordial enough to smile and say hello.

I went inside, grabbed the few items I needed... hesitated and then went back and grabbed some men's socks and a bottled water. The thought in my mind...'please still be there.' Yet hoping someone picked him up... knowing no one did.

I hand the young man, who I know within my gut that he's suffering from a substance abuse addiction, the package of socks and the water. I tell him..."someone once told me that socks are like nuggets of precious gold when you have a lot of walking to do."

He smiled, softly said thank you, put the items in his worn backpack and walked away. Instantly I knew...I could be looking at you. My heart shattered and my soul prayed that you may have encountered another mom like me while you were living on the streets all those years, fighting your demons.

Golden nuggets... those socks, that young man like you, the memories of your beautiful soul and the reminder that there are others like you who need help... more importantly, that you are no longer suffering.

Love you my son...always.

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